The Saga of Eric the Red is preserved in a manuscript with the shelfmark AM 544 4to but it’s usually called Hauksbók (Haukr’s book) because it was written by a Norwegian-Icelandic administrator named Haukr Erlendsson in the beginning of the fourteenth century. Another text is extant in a manuscript from the first part of the fifteenth century (c. 1420–50) with the shelfmark AM 577 4to.

The Saga of the Greenlanders is copied in the famous Icelandic manuscript Flateyjarbók (the Book of Flatey), which was copied in the late fourteenth century in North-West Iceland. Its shelfmark is GKS 1005 fol. Originally, the manuscript was intended as a gift for the King of Norway but he died before it was completed.

If you click on the shelfmarks, you will be taken to the website, where you can look at images of the manuscripts and see what other texts are in them. Studying a saga in its manuscript context can yield interesting conclusions!